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GreenFields Installs Turf in First-of-its-Kind Field Inside Transit Station

In partnership with non-profit Soccer in the Streets and Atlanta United FC, GreenFields brings soccer to communities in need


GreenFields is the worldwide leader in artificial sports turf innovation, and they’re living up to that reputation in a local Atlanta community by joining the team that’s pioneering transit-oriented play. Along with the non-profit organization Soccer in the Streets, GreenFields is installing a small-sided community soccer field at the Five Points MARTA station in the heart of downtown Atlanta, thanks to a generous grant provided by Atlanta United FC, the city’s new professional soccer team.


It’s the first soccer field in the world to be built inside of a major urban transit system and ultimately helps Soccer in the Streets with their goal of bringing the transformative power of soccer and all its community benefits to the underserved areas that need it most. The group’s executive director Phil Hill elaborates, “Children living in inner

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GreenFields Offers Turnkey Artificial Turf Solutions

From installation to maintenance, GreenFields is there every step of the way

Sports organizations are looking for a turf solution that will stand up to long hours of high-level play. Whether you’re trading up from a grass field to artificial turf or wondering if it’s time to replace your existing synthetic field, the decision comes with a list of questions and considerations. GreenFields offers tailor-made systems for a wide variety of sports, as well as personal service, customized installation and a long-term partnership beyond the duration of the field.

Upgrade from Grass to World-Class Turf

Generally, grass fields will begin to break down during the first season resulting in re-soding or re-seeding every season thereafter. In contrast, artificial turf allows for at least 40-50 hours per week of heavy usage, eliminating the need for replacement each season. Artificial turf reduces maintenance costs by as much as 75% compared to natural grass. GreenFields Operations Manager Herb Zabel notes that artificial turf is also more forgiving, noting “in natural grass, when something is

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NCAA Champion Syracuse leads with GreenFields TX™ Hockey Field

Syracuse University takes delivery of GreenFields TX field hockey turf system as it looks to continue the momentum from last year’s NCAA national Championship winning season.

The Champions
The reigning women’s field hockey NCAA national champions chose GreenFields USA to renew and upgrade their field. GreenFields is the industry leader in field hockey with its GreenFields TX field hockey system. Across the world, GreenFields has installed over 200 field hockey fields. The head coach for Syracuse’s field hockey team reached out to GreenFields after experiencing GreenFields’ world class playing surface at the 2014 Field Hockey World Cup.

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Los Prados Park installs field with EPDM alternative infill

Greenfields USA is proud to announce that the City of San Mateo will utilize one of the most durable and environmentally friendly turf products on the market at Los Prados Park, home to many of the city’s soccer, baseball and softball teams.  The city selected GreenFields’ SlideMax XQ product, utilizing a fiber that exceeds some of the most stringent wear tests in the industry, along with a non-SBR rubber infill called Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM).

It marks the first synthetic field in the San Mateo city parks system.  It also marks the largest synthetic turf project in California utilizing the EPDM infill.

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GreenFields MX field unveiled at US Lacrosse Headquarters


GreenFields, a world leader in artificial turf systems, has installed its state-of-the-art MX woven turf and woven Sine pad along with a TPE holo infill at US Lacrosse’s new headquarters and training center in Sparks, MD.  GreenFields USA has been chosen as the official turf partner of US Lacrosse.

The field is one of the highlights of the new US Lacrosse’s headquarters and will serve as home for Team USA and a site for international, college and high school games, as well as youth play.

“We are proud and excited that US Lacrosse chose GreenFields to be its official turf partner,” said Danielle Byrd, GreenFields USA Marketing Manager. “The demand for high-quality, safe

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GreenFields’ new synthetic turf performs more like grass and could reduce leg injuries

GreenFields, the world leader in synthetic field systems, continues to lead the market in product innovation by introducing a safer synthetic playing surface called GreenFields® MX 3 STAR.    GreenFields President Guido Vliegen states, “GreenFields MX 3 STAR feels like real turf and our laboratory testing strongly suggests that it will have a significant impact on decreasing the number of lower leg injuries that players experience on synthetic turf.”

Focus on Sports Safety 

It is well known that synthetic turf fields typically provide players higher traction than natural grass.  However, NFL statistics show that lower leg injuries are more prevalent on synthetic turf than on natural grass. GreenFields addresses this problem since it has physical characteristics that are closer to natural grass than any other synthetic turf product. Richard Kent, Professor at the University of Virginia Center for Applied Biomechanics, has conducted independent testing of the new GreenFields MX product and stated, “Greenfields MX 3 STAR performed much like a natural grass field.”

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Broomfield City and County Commons Park gets GreenFields® MX turf system, the newest technology in sports turf

The newly completed Championship Field at Broomfield City and County Commons Park now showcases some of the newest technology GreenFields has to offer with their innovative GreenFields® MX turf system. Academy Sports Turf LLC based in Englewood, Colorado, partnered with GreenFields USA to install the new GreenFields® MX woven synthetic turf system. The new championship multipurpose pitch is the first woven field in the Rocky Mountain region. GreenFields sets the bar with groundbreaking sports systems for athletes, worldwide, like in Colorado.

Constructed in 2002, Commons Parks Championship Field was due for a replacement. The city wanted to provide the best playing surface for the city and county of Broomfield. GreenFields created not only a system that was the best for playing football and soccer, but also

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Construction Update at Bates University


When Campus Construction Update learned that a new watering system was part of this summer’s project to replace the playing surface on Bates’ field hockey facility, our journalistic reflexes started to bark.
Why, they asked, would you irrigate artificial grass?

Well, as it turns out, it’s standard in field hockey to soak the artificial turf for games and practices (in above-freezing temperatures, anyway). The reasons involve both the quality of play and the safety of the players, explains Bates’ field hockey coach Danielle Ryder.

“The water allows the ball to move at greater speeds with a consistent roll,” she says. “It also keeps the ball on the very top layer of the turf carpet, allowing players to easily maneuver their sticks around the ball.”

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Plainview Football Stadium Update Gets Underway

(Top) Construction crews move dirt to a pile on the east end of Plainview Stadium on Tuesday afternoon. (Below) Concrete on the long jump and pole vault runways have dried.

Under sunny skies and humid weather with temperatures in the mid-90s Monday afternoon, three heavy construction loading vehicles relocated layers of dirt on the football field at Plainview Stadium to a large pile located on the east end of the stadium.

Construction has been ongoing since April 24 as part of the removal of the grass field and the installation of a sports turf that has been contracted through GreenFields.

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GreenFields Meets the Demands of Lacrosse, the Nation’s Fastest Growing College Sport

The “fastest sport on two feet” is also the fastest growing sport among college campuses. According to US Lacrosse, the sport’s national governing body, it has the highest growth rate of all NCAA divisions from 2000-2014. During that time period, participation in women’s lacrosse increased 109 percent, and participation in men’s lacrosse increased 95 percent. Between 2016 and 2018, new lacrosse programs are slated to start across 57 colleges.

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Small-sided soccer mandate kicks off

GreenFields weighs in on the latest U.S. Soccer Board directives.

New soccer mandate makes developmental progress the ultimate goal for players via small-sided play

Soccer is undergoing a big (and positive) change for players in America. New regulations were recently released by the U.S. Soccer Board that are designed to encourage the development of “skills, intelligence, creativity and confidence” in young players. The guidelines include new age grouping,

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R&D at TenCate Grass is dedicated to performance and durability

‘The sportsperson is key’

Turf Systems Development R&D is responsible for the global development of artificial grass systems for GreenFields and TigerTurf within TenCate Grass. GreenFields has six international offices for marketing and installing artificial grass systems, primarily for sport purposes. TigerTurf has three organisations for the marketing and production of artificial grass systems for sport and landscaping.

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Cruyff Courts partner with TenCate GreenFields for Community Playgrounds

Cruyff Courts partner with TenCate GreenFields for Community Playgrounds   

Atlanta, GA (DATE) — TenCate Grass and GreenFields have been partnering with the Cruyff Foundation for many years. This year GreenFields is scaling up their partnership with the Foundation and are actively supporting new growth initiatives for the Foundation.

GreenFields is supplying artificial grass for the Cruyff Courts, which are now being installed not only close to home in the Netherlands and in Europe, but around the globe. Projects in India, US and Latin America have been initiated by the Foundation

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Villa Duchesne Gets their version of Hockey World Cup Stadium Field

Atlanta, GA (October 7, 2015) — Greenfields USA, an international leader in synthetic turf systems, is proud to announce the installation of Villa Duchesne’s new field hockey field, a replica of the 2014 Hockey World Cup stadium in The Hague, Netherlands.

Villa Duchesne, a private, Roman Catholic all-girls school in Frontenac, MO, is home to one of the best known high school field hockey programs in the country.

“There is peace of mind knowing that our athletes are playing on a world-class playing surface for field hockey,” said Sean Moore, Villa Duchesne athletic director.  “We chose GreenFields because we knew it was safe, durable, and would allow our students to focus on our athletics mission of developing favorable habits and attitudes that will prepare the students for life beyond high school.” 

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GreenFields puts itself on the map in Bolivia

GreenFields puts itself on the map in Bolivia

GreenFields is well on the way to building a rock-solid reputation for itself as a supplier of high-quality artificial grass systems in South America as well. Fourteen Slide Max XQ 50 fields were recently laid in Oruro in Bolivia. The order was awarded by the municipality and the work completed in collaboration with our distributor, Buitrón Rodríguez Maldonado (BRM).

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