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The GreenFields Shock pad: Better Trauma Protection?

One perception (rightly or wrongly) about traditional artificial turf athletic fields is that they create an increased risk of head injury owing to a perceived “hardness” of the playing surface.

The traditional methods for protecting athletes from head injury often involve equipment design improvements rather than improvements to the playing surface.

The reality is that in certain sports, contact by the head with the playing surface cannot be completely eliminated. At Greenfields, player safety is always at the forefront.  We design our turf systems to reduce the risk of many types of injury. We create turf that reduces friction and that performs similarly even under very wet conditions, but we take the concept of reducing risk of injury even further than that.

Is infill alone safe enough?

Most modern artificial turf fields rely on the use of infill as an impact dampening measure. It does absorb a good amount of the energy from the impact and it does reduce risk of injury. The problem is that it just isn’t enough. It also has certain drawbacks that make it unreliable on its own. First and foremost, infill migrates. It moves around. Over time, this creates inconsistencies in the playing surface, impacts ball roll and creates uneven conditions – all that before anyone becomes injured. In fact, relying on infill alone can actually increase risk of injury by mimicking the unpredictable nature of natural grass over time.

player injury on artificial turf

The GreenFields Solution

GreenFields solution to this issue comes in the form of our advanced shockpad technology. While we didn’t invent the shockpad, we make a better one.  The shockpad does what infill alone cannot: it maintains the integrity and consistency of the playing surface while increasing the surface’s ability to absorb a superior amount of energy on impact. This combination of safety measures results in a drastic reduction of all kinds of injuries and decreases the likelihood of serious brain injury to a considerable degree.

Even if the infill shifts, a Greenfields shockpad can still do its job. It stays in place and provides continuous, uniform protection even under the most grueling and intense gameplay scenarios. It also helps maintain the consistency of the playing surface since it does not migrate or erode like infill alone can.

GreenFields Artificial Turf with Shockpad

  • Consistent performance
  • Shockpad covers entire playing area
  • Meets shock absorption, vertical deformation and energy restitution criteria as set forth by official sports organizations like FIFA, IRB and FIH
  • Meets all required Head Injury Criterion (HIC) specifications (DIN EN 1177)
  • Biomechanical properties for reduction of risk of injury
  • Durability
  • Lightweight product reduces cost and time for installation
  • Superior flexibility
  • Recyclable and Non toxic
  • Stable and functional at temperatures ranging from -40 to +90°C